Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nigella's Curry!

The topic of this post is a few weeks old, but I wanted to make sure to give Nigella Lawson credit where it's due, and I have time to blog today, so...I backtrack.

Alright, so a few weeks ago, by dearest best-est friend Po came to visit!! It was very unexpected, and due to very sad circumstances, but I got to see her, for 1.5 whole days, and it was great. I miss her so much, but hopefully she'll be back on the east coast soon!

Anyway, I wanted to cook for her since now I, you know, can, when in the early years of our friendship, I was completely clueless in the kitchen and hated to cook--meanwhile, Po can whip up something suberb out of random stuff she finds in her (or my) kitchen in about 30 minutes (black beans stuffed with french fries, anyone?) <--- this is a very inside joke, which, if anyone cares, I will totally explain, but I won't waste space on it here!

Anyway, Po is a vegetarian who also eats seafood, so I flipped through Nigella's book and found her "Thai Seafood Curry" and gave it a whirl. I had to make some substitutions (the recipe calls for lemongrass stalks and fish buillon, which, believe me when I tell you, are not find-able in this next of the woods), but, OMG, my curry was bangin'. Mmmmmmm, soooooooooo good. So good in fact, that the next morning, I ate a way-too-large portion of it, and kept eating even though I was full, and couldn't put the spoon down until it was gone. And then felt sick for the rest of the day. But it was totally worth it. That's how freakin' good this curry is.

In case you're curious, the curry has a butternut squash base, with bok choy, salmon and shrimp. Hea-ven-ly! (Note: please sing that word as you read it, b/c that's how I'm thinking it as I write this...Kind of like how Oprah scream/sings people's names when they come on her show? Like that. Except about curry.)


We can all relax, Nigella's alright after all! (I know, you were worried...)

I also used our breadmaker for the first time to make a Cottage Cheese and Chives bread to accompany the curry, and it went great with it. Yay, yummy food!

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  1. Is the word, "Hea-ven-ly!" sung to the same tune as the word, "Bum-pus-es!"???

  2. Mmmmm... I have been craving fish lately. Christopher made a green chicken curry for dinner and it was yummy... but butternut squash and seafood, mmm... What substitutions did you use? Is fish buillon the same as fish sauce?

  3. To Po, that is exactly the right intonation, of course! :o)

    To Miss Frazzled, I used ginger instead of lemongrass stalks, and instead of fish buillon I used...a secret ingredient :o). Buillon isn't the same as fish sauce, but private message me and I'll share my secret!

    Also, I'll post a link to the recipe in a mo'.