Thursday, March 18, 2010

Awesome Kindle recommendations...

Everyday at the Kindle Store, Amazon gives recommendations of books I might like, and also, shows me the top selling books for the day.  Yesterday, this was the top-selling book in Romance and Genre Fiction:

This is probably why:
Digital List Price: $3.50  What's this?
Kindle Price: $0.00 & includes wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet
You Save:$3.50 (100%) 

Also, this is the tagline: Her sexy letters are his only lifeline in his dangerous world...

I of course downloaded it immediately. I'll let you know how it is! ;)

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a breather...

oops! I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've posted!  My bad.  This week I'm back at my parents house, visiting with my mom who's recovering from back surgery, which mostly consists of sitting around with her and watching movies (and becoming obsessed with, which I'll most likely post about later), so I have no excuse not to do an update!

The biggest news is that internship hell is over, and has ended wonderfully for me, as, after much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth, I got my first choice (yipeeeeee!) and will be working at an awesome site in Manhattan starting in September.  Woot! I am thrilled.  And not just because getting that placement meant that I could.... my Kindle!!!  That's right, I am now a proud, completely infatuated owner of a Kindle 2 and she is glorious.  And very pretty.  See?

I'll save my excessive gushing about the Kindle for a later post...

So, the timing of my trip home was both good and bad, as two days before I left, our basement flooded, knocking out both our furnace and our water heater for several days, which was, in a word, miserable.  So, it was good that I got to escape our freezing cold house and the need to go to a friend's house to shower, but bad in that I had to leave hubby to deal with cleaning up the mess on his own.  :(  I felt bad about that.  But he took care of it like a champ, and now everything's dry and working again.  *whew*  We thought we would have to buy a new water heater, and had already started researching tankless water heaters (which you mount on the wall and are therefore impervious to flooding, for the most part), but luckily we don't have to deal with that.  Awesome.

Now, if you will allow me to be dorky for a moment, I'm also really happy because the afore-mentioned friend who lent me her shower also gave me her old iPod!  A 30GB video iPod to be exact! I know! Sooooooo awesome.  And not because otherwise I would probably never ever ever own an iPod, but because (**warning: supreme geekery ahead!**) now I can listen to/watch my favorite podcast, 'The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack' complete with easter egg photos!  (For the non-initiated, "easter eggs" are little details and clues that show up in each episode of Lost that you can usually only catch if you have a DVR and are obsessive.)

That's it.  That's why I'm so excited about this iPod.  I know....I can feel you shaking your head :o)

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