Friday, February 12, 2010

the right shade...

so, this is what my pink highlights should have looked like all along:


Not this:
I know, right?! Sooooo much better.
Last weekend, two days after getting my highlights done, which admittedly were pretty light and tame to begin with, I went on a spa weekend with hubby, which was wonderful and deserves it's own post, but also resulted in me washing my hair many times over the span of two days.  When I got back from the spa, relaxed and exfoliated, my highlights were no longer anywhere close to pink.  They were orange-y, coppery, brassy, and not the slightest bit cute.  Not cool.  So I called Diane, and she fixed it for me, and didn't even charge me again for having to re-do it, even though it was at least partially my fault!  I do think that she didn't really believe me about how bold I wanted the color the first time, and this time she added a lot more red to the mix, and this time it's exactly as loud as I want it to be.  :)  Aren't I such a rebel?  (I know...not really.)  Also, when I showed it to hubby, his response was only this: "Oh, it's...kinda purple.  Oh, and a little pink, too, I guess."  That's it.  Whatever, I think it's awesome.
Now I just need to find some emo kids who need a lead singer.

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