Monday, February 1, 2010

OPPOSITE DAY: Grammy looks...

I completely missed the Grammys last night.  I knew that they were on, but the idea of watching them seemed tedious to me, so I passed.  From the headlines I've read, it seems that Lady Gaga/Elton John and Pink gave good performances, and that Beyonce's performance was weird.  Meh...whatever.

I do, however, need to share some of the pictures that I came upon as I looked at the red carpet arrival shots (which actually interest me more than the actual Grammys).

Reasons why this picture bothers me:
  1. Whose face is that?  It doesn't look like Lady Gaga, does it?? It looks like...Cher dressed up as Lady Gaga. And/or, a drag queen dressed up like Lady Gaga.  Which I guess is nothing new.
  2. Look at the shoes:
 Are these not the most absurd things you've ever seen??  They just seem unsafe.  And clearly uncomfortable.  Which really seem to be the only two things Gaga's ever going for with her looks (see: the outfit she wore after her performance.  Ouch).  As a woman who has recently embraced the low heel/flat shoe, I really just cannot get over these.

      3.  Giorgio Armani designed the dress.  This Giorgio Armani.

Another picture that completely frightens me is this one of Nicole Kidman:

Look how big her head is!!!!!  Look how skinny her body is!!!!!!  I've often heard Kathy Griffin (my favorite comedienne) talk about how Nicole Kidman is really just a hangar with a head, and I always thought she was being a little harsh, but now I get it!  There is something very unnatural about her, at least in this picture.  I cannot stop staring at it and being freaked out.

And this is just sad.  What happened to her?  Or, perhaps more to the point, what happened to her stylists?  Nothing about this outfit makes one lick of sense.  Poor Britney.  At least she looks happy.

Photo credits: John Shearer/ (Lady Gaga);  Lester Cohen/ (Kidman); Christopher Polk/Getty Images (Spears)

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1 comment:

  1. Laddy Gaga is crazy...her outfits just irritate me now. At first it was about the shock factor now I am so over it. She only does all that crazy stuff b/c she is so dang ugly and has to distract from that.
    Nicole Kidman is WAAAAAY WAAAAAY WAAAAY skinny, she looks scary! I think she is such a beatiful person too, she just needs to eat a cheeseburger.
    And what in the h was Britney wearing? She does look very happy, which makes me happy but c'mon. Call Rachel Zoe, you have the $.
    Have a great day!