Thursday, February 4, 2010

pink hair!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Finally!

After many years of being a wuss, 4 months of internship hell, and two weeks of having to "wait for my hair to recover", it's finally happened! I have pink highlights!  And it feels so good.  Amazingly, I think it could be a little brighter, but I think Diane (my stylist soul mate) didn't quite believe me/didn't think I really understood how bright it could've been/how ridiculous I may have looked if she had completely listened to me, so she made it a little more subdued than I probably would have voted for.  But! I did tell her what my ideas were and that she then could make the decisions that she thought would look best on me, so that's what she did, and I do love it.

She also gave me a little "peek-a-boo" of color behind my ear.  Super cute:

I left the salon armed with several new hair care products, a "color lock" spray and something that will, in theory, allow me to get away with "wash and wear" (something that I have never gotten away with, btw) while I'm luxuriating in the many pools, saunas, and jacuzzis of my impending spa weekend (a post on that later!), so we'll see how that goes...But anyway, I love my hair!!

What do you think?

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