Thursday, July 30, 2009

Awkward Family Photos!

This post is purely to share with you all the wonderment that is, a site that I recently discovered and LOVE. The site is dedicated to posting, as you may have guessed, awkward family photos that people send in, and they usually but a cherry on top of the hilarity with a great caption. Sprinkled among the pictures are "awkward family stories," which are pretty great, too. It's one of the most hilarious sites I've seen in a long time, so enjoy!

Here's one of my favorites thus far, though it was really hard to pick just one!

(photo: Submitted by Alayna to

and my least favorite can be found here, but I'll let you choose to see that one at your own risk! (Warning: mildly NSFW!)

Check it out, and prepare to laugh till it hurts.

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