Thursday, May 20, 2010

Overheard in NYC...

Long ago, back when I had my other blog, I was a big fan of Overheard in NYC, an occasionally hilarious website that is only a collection of funny things that people hear and overhear as they go about their daily lives in the city.  I'm sure that some of my interest in this website is that I'm jealous of all the people who actually live their daily lives in Manhattan, and therefore want to live vicariously through them, but also, some of the stuff is pretty damn funny.  Take for example, this gem:

Suit on cell: What do you mean I'm being ridiculous? He's a foot doctor... He's not licensed to give rectal exams, Floyd!

--Q Train

Overheard by: EKavet

I mean, come on! Priceless.  Another good one:

Man on cell: Elvis made ten million dollars last year and he's dead. There's no reason I can't make a thousand.

--Park Slope

Way to think positively, likely Brooklyn hipster!

There are many, many more where that came from, so if you're trying desperately to avoid doing anything productive (how do you think I stumbled upon it again? :o) click on through ( and have a laugh.

Happy Thursday!

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