Saturday, August 1, 2009

My puppy's dedication to getting his 18 hours...

This is my puppy, Jake. Jake really likes to sleep, and tends to find some way to curl his entire, long body onto the lap of whomever is within his reach. If there's no lap to be found, he almost always finds a way to make a pillow out of something--he's even curled up under my desk while I'm working, and rested his head on my foot. My boy likes his pillow, what can I say?

Jake also has a tendency to nestle. He likes to be nice and cozy and tends to want to squish his face into small spaces while he sleeps. Trust me, it is more adorable than it sounds!

So, one evening, the three of us, me, hubby, and Jake, are lazing about on the couch, and Jake sits up with a jolt from his dozing, and resolutely begins to climb up my husband onto the top of the couch! !??! We were going to try to stop him, but then decided this could be pretty funny, so we let him go, and this is what he did:

(FYI, hubby's head was where his hind leg is. Jake also has a tendency to take other people's prime couch real estate. It's a bit of a problem.)

Anyway, then, I guess to get really comfy...

He stayed up there for almost an hour, snoring all the while. I have to hand it to him though--he knows the importance of finding a cozy place to nap!

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