Monday, November 16, 2009

The light at the end of the tunnel...sort of...

Hello dear readers! I've been woefully absent for the past month, but it's because I've actually been working, can you believe it? I'm deep into the process of applying for my Pre-doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology, one of the 2 last huge hurdles I have to jump before I can graduate (the other hurdle is my dissertation, which is a perpetual work-in-progress). I delayed applying for internship last year because the process felt too overwhelming/I didn't quite feel ready, but this year, I feel much more confident in myself and am ready to finally start getting paid (a teeny tiny bit) for the work I've been doing for 6 years for free!
About 20 minutes ago, I submitted my 15th application, and it felt pretty amazing. All of the sites that I'm really excited about I've now applied to, and I have about 4 more that are due over the next two weeks that I'm applying to mostly to try to increase my odds, since a large part of the application process is a numbers game (i.e. tons more applicants than there are sites available, especially in the New York/NJ area). So keep your fingers crossed for me! I should start hearing from sites that want to interview me in the next few weeks, but now that the really hard part is over, back to blogging!

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